When someone tells you, "I'm lonely," don't dismiss it and don't tell her, "If you have God, you shouldn't feel lonely."

Because if human beings don't need each other, Allah wouldn't have taught us to be kind to our parents, Prophet Muhammad SAW wouldn't have told us that "the best of men is the one who is kind to his wife," and the Islam wouldn't have told us to be kind to our neighbours.

When someone tells you, "I feel very hurt with your words," don't dismiss that feeling and don't tell them, "You're just too touchy, sensitive and negative."

If human beings don't need take care of each other's feelings, then the Quran wouldn't have told us to speak only good words, the Prophet SAW wouldn't need to be soft spoken, Allah would not have taught Prophet Muhammad SAW to not frown at a blind man.

If someone tell you she feels depressed, don't tell her that she does not have faith in Allah, or is not thankful to Allah.

Because maybe it is because of her faith, she has not committed suicide. Because of her faith she could still smile at you. Because of her faith, she calls out for help so that she would get better.

If someone tells you she's tired, and she tells you that repeatedly, maybe she is burdened by not just physical work. Maybe she doesn't have anyone to share her burdens with. Maybe she has to do everything for everyone, but nobody to do anything for her.

Every human being needs support.
Don't stick up your nose and tell the world you're a super positive person and then look down on others who feel lonely, hurt, depressed and tired.
Maybe you're not tested like them, so you don't know.