A house officer in my ward has been limping for two days, and I did not even ask him why. My excuse: we had two very busy days and nights.

It somehow reminds me that I have yet to write a review of this book titled Daughter, written by Jane Shemilt, which I finished reading almost a week ago.

Although I found the starting pace of the novel a little slow, reading the description at the back of the book made me push through. After a while, I found that it was not easy to put this book down, despite not sleeping the night before as I was on call.

It is a story about a lady whose life was shattered. Her life was like a stained-glass box, which actually broke to reveal so many other broken pieces kept unseen inside that box. As she tried to find all the broken pieces, she found that there are more pieces that’s been missing.

It was discovering those pieces one by one that made it hard to stop reading.

As much as the mysteries binds us to the book, it leaves us with some room to reflect on our own lives. It makes us wonder whether we have done the right things in life, and wonder what lies beneath the calm facades of our loved ones. Are they truly happy? Or are they time bombs waiting to explode?

It made me cringe to see how lacking of insight the main character was, but although in the end she realised, after some unpleasant surprises, it was probably a little too late.

The end was somehow unexpected. The few chapters towards the end really made me hold on to the book even more. I ended up sleeping rather late that night, even though I was to be on call the next day.

Despite being grippingly mysterious, I would not read this book again, as almost all of the questions were answered, hence it would not be as exciting as reading it the first time.

Talk about mysteries, reading Harry Potter series gives us lots of questions, and later on, answers. However there are loads of memorable scenes (be it funny, sad or happy) that are worth to be read again and again and again, of which this novel lacks.

I would give 6/10 for this book.