For some reason I don’t feel at ease with myself lately.

My posts/comments recently have either been too preachy or too loud. Or angry.

People do say “practice what you preach”.
And obviously I need a lot of reminders…hmmm…

But then again I believe that sharing is caring – when one has a good thought or advice, it is nice to share it with others. It does not only remind others but it serves to teach one’s ownself about good deeds.
And I do believe that you get back what you give.

I used to be afraid of giving advice to other people because I don’t want to be the kind of person who doesn’t walk my talk.
Who am I to give out good advice when I’m not perfect myself?
I’m as bound to make mistakes as the next human being is.

But it’s nice to share good things, right?

Notice that there’s a lot of the word “I” used in this post.
I know the world is not all about ME but THIS post is about me. Heheh.

I just want to say sorry for any hurt/hard feelings anyone may have felt.
Any distaste everyone may have experienced.
I’m sorry if you’re taken aback by my “loudness”.

There are some things that would touch a sore spot in me.
There are times that I just want myself heard, and I’m sorry for shouting.

But I wouldn’t stop sharing nice things with you.


Written on 21st February 2011 @ 2338hrs