I don’t know why I just can’t focus tonight. I feel like I have ran out of motivation. Nothing could push me forward, and the only thing that I feel like doing tomorrow is to clear up my room, my desk, my kitchen, and sleep.


I do have a lot to do. But I don’t want to do anything.


So I’m in search for inspiration. I browsed through my nature photos. I listened to Maher Zain’s InsyaAllah repeatedly. I prayed. Now Anuar Zain’s Semua Untukmu is on my youtube. Then I remembered my time in Penang.




There’s a person who’s always pushing me to do my best, to be hardworking, to be responsible.

A person who’d say don’t worry about mistakes and don’t worry about what others would say but to follow my heart and do what’s need to be done at that point of time.

A person who told me to push forward no matter what.

A person who’s always have something good to say about someone.

Scolds another person just because he’s concerned. That person doesn’t have to be close to him.

A person who’s on my side when the worst happened.

He’d correct the other person when the other person is wrong. No matter who that person is.


Thinking of him, I feel obliged to work harder. He’s given too much.


And another person.

His motivational stories in between teaching and work issues.

Even when it’s late, when the sun has set and everyone’s gone home.

His energy, passion and determination.

His pride that he tried so hard to hide.

Pushing me forward with a way that’s so subtle and gentle I’d barely see it until long after.


Two very successful men.

They are not very rich, I know.

They lead a simple life, drive simple cars, wear simple clothes.

From the outside many may not think that they are successful.

But to those who see deeper than cash, they will be able to comprehend.


Enough to motivate me for the night.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


Thank you, Allah, for giving me the chance to be around these two great teachers.


Written on 6th March 2011 @ 0117hrs.