Have you ever wanted something so much, that you keep on working and praying hard for it with all your heart?

Have you ever wanted something so much, but nothing happens, but you keep trying anyway?

Have you ever thought of quitting, but then start working hard again because you reason to yourself that “the thing I wanted could just be around the corner”?

Well, I have.
It takes a lot of courage to put an effort.
And it takes a lot of faith to keep on praying.

But we just HAVE to pray, to ask from God, because without Him, where else in the world would we get the strength?
How do we push forward without Him?

Maybe He hasn’t granted our wishes is simply because it’s not time yet?
Maybe He’s telling us that we are definitely not ready for what we’re praying for.
Maybe we didn’t get what we want because we give up asking at the first place.

It does take a lot of faith to keep on asking, to keep on praying.
We shouldn’t give up praying, the same way we should not give up trying.

Written on 19th March 2011 @ 0201hrs