My cousin taught me this: everyday, you should list at least five things that you’re thankful for, so that you will be a happier person.

As Muslims we are taught so say this prayer everytime we wake up: “All praise and gratitude to Allah who give us life after our death (sleep), it is to Him we return.” Usually that’s the only thing we do and off we are getting ready for another day.

Try extending that to list five things you are thankful for, after reading that prayer. You will find immense benefit from it. Even better, list different things everyday.

As you list one thing after another, you will find yourself smiling, wider and wider.

From my own experience, I feel like some kind of release from the tightness in my head.

The day becomes easier to face, even when something nerve-wrecking is about to happen, like exams.

The thing about thinking that things are easier to face, is that, the day will indeed become lighter to deal with. With that smile on our faces, often we could avoid problems, or make them a breeze to settle, we think more positively about other people, we smile more towards others (hence the world will indeed smile back at us), and even our steps are more joyous.

Of course, there are days that things can go wrong, and things will go wrong. But at least when you start off with a positive mind, you could always go back to those thoughts if things turn sour along the way.

So let’s start this habit of always looking for things to be thankful of, so that we could start all our days with a positive mood, which will emanate towards people around us, hence the world will be a more positive place to live.

. . .

You know what’s funny. Sometimes I wake up and lie in my bed trying to list down the things that I’m thankful of, and I’d fall back to sleep while doing that. And then my alarm will ring and I will wake up and make a new list, hoping that I won’t fall asleep this time. 😊