Indeed, the Quran and the seerah contain endless wisdom, they strengthen the heart like nothing else could.
. . .
Thinking of Musa's mother, when her heart was made numb, because she had to let her son go. Just to be able to meet him again, and raise him in the palace of Firaun.

Or the fishermen who had their boats damaged, just to find that theirs is the only one not stolen by the tyrant king, so they could earn with a repaired boat.

Or the parents who lost their young, innocent child, just to be replaced with a better, pious child.

Or the widow who was worried about her children's sustenance, until the right time when they found the treasures left by their father.

Or Prophet Muhammad SAW, the day he ran out of Taif, bleeding and bruising, from the pelting by the ignorant; he did not even want a revenge.

Or when he (SAW) lost one child after another, when he has already lost his parents at very young age.

Or when the Muslims felt like they have lost at Hudaibiyah, while actually it was a clear victory, only they did not know that yet.

Or when Salman Al Farisi went from one place after another, searching for the truth, even fell as a slave. In the end, the day he found Rasulullah SAW, the prophet asked, "What's your story?" With tears he told him the decades-worth of story, that night at Baqi'.

Or when Umm Salamah wondered, will there ever be a man better than Abu Salamah, her husband who has passed on. But she still prayed and prayed and prayed until one day, she married Rasulullah himself (SAW).

Or the time Prophet Yaqoub (AS) lost his dear son, Prophet Yusuf (AS), and said he will bear the loss with "a beautiful patience". He met Yusuf again, after decades of forbearance.

When Allah promised us, with difficulty there indeed is endless ease.

When Allah promised us, He would not test a person except that the person could handle it.

When Allah promised, "Ask from Me, and I will answer you."

When Allah reassured us, He is closer to us than the jugular vein.

When Allah told us, He is the Perfect Planner, He has all the power.

Indeed He is, indeed He does, and forever He will be.