I’m writing from my own experience, and reflections from some ayat of the Quran.

When something really bad happens to us, or bad things happen repeatedly, often we have this sense of despair, we’d lose any glimpse of hope in our hearts.

Yet, in the Quran, Allah SWT said, “Indeed, with hardship comes endles ease.” – Al Insyirah:5. He also gave us three stories in surah Al Kahfi about the endless wisdom behind seemingly-bad life events.

How do we apply those ayat in our lives, though?

From my previous major losses, I learnt that one of the things that keeps our heads above the water is to search for the meaning behind those occurences. Of course, we can feel sad for a while, it is natural, but at the same time, we shall try to start searching for the wisdom behind all that.

Because Allah promised it to us, and His promises are true.

You see, if we get ourselves busy looking for the ease behind our hardships, we tend to get distracted from our sorrows. If we are determined enough to look for the wisdom, we will indeed find them. When we ask ourselves “now what?” and act on it soon enough, we will find our way out from our difficulties.

That’s how we keep our heads up high. That’s how we prevent ourselves from falling into the deep abyss of despair. That’s how we ensure the lights to stay shining in our hearts.

First, we have to trust in Him.

The rest will fall into place.

. . .

This du’a brings me to tears without fail, each time I think about it.