In my dreams, we will be busy. 

Busy working, busy fighting. For truth, for justice.

We will fight for the cities – to be clean, to be civil, to be prosperous.

We will fight for the environment, and will be fair for everyone. We will not be extremists. Farmers need to feed, the country need to earn, but the animals will need to live too. So all humans and animals will live side by side, true to the purpose of their lives, as God has created them.

We will fight for dedication, for love and compassion. To give our best in everything we do. To not be half-hearted. 

We will fight for education, every member of the community has his role. Everyone will excel in his own field, and he does not need to be good in everything.

Yes, we will love, we will play. We will travel, we will read.

We will raise our kids.

But in my dreams, we are more than just that. We are a team fighting. We are a team working tirelessly until the end.

We are a team in love. With each other, and towards others.

We are a team holding hands to jannah.

Dear God, please make my dreams come true.