38th lecture in the series.Some of the many lessons I have learnt so far:

1. The Prophet’s (SAW) companions were the best generations of Muslims ever, but they were still human beings: they become angry, sad, frustrated, impatient, hesitant….all kinds of human emotions, they have them. No, they were not emotionless, they did not immediately accept whatever bad things that happened to them, they asked questions like “why is it taking too long”, they cried, they stood up and raised their voices, they had squabbles, disagreements..you name it. 

They became excellent ummah because of their training, their closeness to Allah and the Prophet (SAW), their relationship with the Quran, they raise against all negative emotions.
(2) Even the Prophet of Allah (SAW) have times of fear, even when he has prayed all night for victory, for ease, for help. He became anxious over things. This is where his companions acted as support system, like when Abu Bakar RA hugged him and told him that his prayers are being answered by Allah, so that he’d stop worrying.
(3) Their human-ness made me feel alright to struggle. It feels ok to have flaws, even when people don’t agree with me. IT IS OK. I need to learn to forgive myself and forgive others too. These are human beings who raised above the harshest way of life to be the gentlest, kindest people, full of love and compassion. 
(4) I didn’t quite catch the exact Quranic verse but I got the message: when you have asked Allah repeatedly for something, when you have raised your hands and face to the skies asking for Allah’s help, Allah’s Hayaa’ (shyness) would mean that He would ashamed if He did not give you anything. “How could I not give anything when My slave have raised his hands to Me?” 

If we feel guilty for not giving anything to a beggar, Allah would feel even more ashamed for not giving us anything that we asked.

So make du’a. Tell Him what you want. He will only reply with the best answers.
(6) Is it the same, darkness and light? What does light do? It guides. ❤
May Allah bless Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and his family, make it easy for them in this life and the next.
Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW): episode 38.