It is heart-breaking to imagine the fallen faces of those fishermen, when they realized that their boat was holed by the very people they helped. It is even more heart-breaking to imagine the pious parents, hugging the body of their son, who died on the shore of the river.

Or try to imagine the desperation of a widow, who have kids to raise. Her good husband left them some property, but she had no idea where they are. For now they could still survive, but the future is uncertain.
Only to find that…

The fishermen’s boat was the only one in the village that was not confiscated by the king; he was building an armada. Hence they became the only fishermen in the area, and earned so much from that.
The dead boy was going to grow up as a person who would misguide the parents, and the couple was pious. So after that, they had another child, who was to be good and pure.
The orphans will only find the treasures their father left when they need them the most, later on in life, as young men. If the villagers knew about the treasures while the orphans were young, they would have stolen them, and the orphans would not have anything left for themselves.
These stories are about how bad things happen for good reason.
They show that Allah gives us something much better in replacement of what He has taken away.
That if we are generous, we get so much more in return.
That if we are pious, Allah will want to keep us pious until the end. He will want us to be close to Him all the time.
That if we want pious children, we need to be pious first.
That Allah gives us what we need exactly at the time we need them.
That if we are good people, Allah will protect our family, and our treasures too; in His own way.
Let’s read surah Al Kahf every Friday, and reflect on the stories.
* * *
I would recommend watching/listening to the series of tafseer of Surah Al Kahf by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi. I learnt so much from this series of lectures, it has given me more depth when I read the surah on Fridays.
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