Since end of last year, I have been listening to this series of lectures, titled Seerah of the Prophet by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi. I would strongly recommend all Muslims to listen to this series. It is very long, 104 lectures altogether, and each lecture is about 1 hour, or sometimes more. It might take us more than a year to complete them, but it is worth doing.

There’s so much benefit we could derive from this series of lectures, I could write a long article just about the benefits that I have obtained so far. However for now I’m just going to state one from the endless list. 
Looking back, I realize that all of the sahabi are real, imperfect humans. They experienced anger, sadness, restlessness, frustration, moments nearing or commiting sins; you name it. Despite all that, many of them were promised paradise by Allah SWT.

Even Prophet Muhammad SAW experienced a range of emotions, which I could not even begin to imagine, because of the deep love he had for humanity; the love that enabled him to fight for the truth and justice no matter what he went through, physically or emotionally, at that time.

What made them successful is how they overcome those feelings. How they channel their emotions for the sake of Allah, for themselves and the people around them. The strength they showed in facing adversities in their lives. The courage they mustered was something perhaps we could never achieve….but we could all try.
Because they are humans and we are humans.

We are made the same since the beginning of time. If they could struggle with their imperfections, so could we.

If they could turn from extremely bad to extremely good, we could all do too.
May Allah bless Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and his family, in this life and the hereafter.

May everything be easy for him.

* * *

This is the link to part 26 of this series:

Seerah of Prophet Muhammad SAW by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi