The price of pulling someone out of the fire to paradise, while you’re struggling to get to paradise yourself….it could not be measured with anything at all.
The only One who could give the light is Allah. So we ask Him to give the light to whomever we wish.

But we are obliged to work, work hard and smart, so that our prayers will come true.
I have been struggling with myself, asking from Allah for what appears to be impossible in human eyes, but not to Allah. Why is it not impossible to Him? Because I have seen evidence upon evidence that whenever He guides, the guidance goes straight to the heart, and the person changes to become a great person. A person with a soft heart, gentle manners, and the drive to spread the light he receives to others around him.
Why struggle? Because from my human eyes, I see imperfections of a human. I struggle because I was hoping that it was not syaitan beautifying what I do right now. 
How can it be syaitan though? This is a good prayer for a person so far away from me, a prayer that reminds me to pray for other things, pushed me hard to do other good things as well, and has given me so much good so far.
I listened to Sheikh Yasir Qadhi’s lectures in the life story of Prophet Muhammad SAW and realized that what I’m doing now is what he (SAW) has done all those years ago. Which means, it is natural for a person to want good from someone else, especially when we see potential in them.
Since then I’m more convinced.

Praying for others is a priceless gift. A gift for praying, and a gift of light.

* * *

The path to paradise is a big struggle. One of the ways to get there is to help others journey with us.
* * *

I would like to share this, I found it from twitter, shared by someone else. It is perfectly beautiful.