I have this thing about having children around me when I travel. Or sometimes even when I’m not travelling. I don’t have kids here and I rarely bring little kids with me when I travel, but of course, kids are EVERYWHERE.

Once I was stuck in Dublin Airport because a few flights were delayed due to bad weather. A few kids were standing near the glass window looking out of the terminal, watching some planes land and fly out. Of course, they would jump and squeal with excitement when they saw a plane, be it landing or flying away. 
Guess what, they were expressing exactly what I was feeling inside. It amused me, so I stood there watching the planes and the kids.
Another time, I rode the tram in Dublin City. When I was a student, the tram rails were just being set, I could still hear the sounds of the drills. So during my visit after 11 years, one of the must-do things is to ride the tram!

There was a fanily with two kids maybe between two to five years old. One of them was standing holding the bar. Everytime the tram stopped, the boy would squeal “weeeeeeee!!!”. It happened everytime the tram started to move.
The boy expressed what exactly I felt at that time. I really was excited!
Recently, I had dinner with my best friend and her little family in a place near our house. The restaurant is near the airport. Her two-year-old would shout “aeroplane!!” whenever she hears a plane pass by.
Again, she was expressing my excitement. 

At that particular time, I have just booked a ticket to Jakarta and was feeling very excited about the upcoming trip, so even hearing the plane soar made my heart leap!
So yes. I get very excited about traveling, usually about the journey, somehow. I am looking for a traveling partner who would be as thrilled as I am, or at least attentive to my excitement. Obviously someone who looks at the phone most of the time would be out of my list. We travel to see the world, and see each other.
I have a few favourites, although it is more because I travel often with them.
Almost five years ago, I had a pleasant surprise that my best friend actually felt thrilled when the plane we rode on took off, and she showed it! All this while, I kept the excitement to myself, so when I found that she feels the same way, I was elated! We travelled quite a bit together, although we could not do it anymore now that she’s married. But she’s one of my best travel buddies.
Another person is none other than my dearest little sister. We went to the UK about three years back, and I miss every single moment there. Yes, we had a few long-faced moments but it was one of the best trips in my life.
My two brothers are great travel buddies for me too. I think all four of us think almost alike, give similar response to many situations, protect each other, and of course, love each other. At times I envy the way the two of them have their excursions at night when others are asleep. Often I am too tired to follow (and I don’t think they wanted me to, it is probablu their boys’ outing kind of thing).
It is in my dreams, and it is in my prayers, that one day I will get a travel partner who will be attentive when I feel happy, and I will be as attentive to him. A travel partner who would bring me wherever he wants to go, and wherever I am curious about but won’t dare go alone (I’m a bit worried about my own safety). I pray for a person who could protect me from all sorts of things, and brave enough to go to all sorts of places with me. 
A travel partner who would look and reflect or even stare, with me, at something interesting, something beautiful, something out of our norm; be it natural or cultural. Someone who would ask for me if I’m too shy to ask. A travel partner who would absorb the experience together, rather than lost in his own world.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not acting like a damsel in distress. I travel anyway, with or without my dream partner. I would venture out anyway, only I have to admit, I have a bit more self preservation habits that I dare not go beyond certain limits. I want to live a healthy, trauma-less life. 
Being single for many years has taught me many things. Amongst them, is that you can very well be happy alone, but awesomeness is usually achieved with loved ones around.