“Do you know one of the ways you should see tawaf?” the ustaz asked. 

He answered his own question, “You see, when a child wants something, he would hold his mother’s skirt, asking for it, going around his mother, until he gets it.”


“That’s how you should do it. Pray just for anything. Ask Allah anything you want, anything at all, with your own words, like that child who wants a toy from his mother. That’s how you should do your tawaf,” he continued.
. . .

Millions upon millions of people have come.

Millions upon millions have walked around the Kaabah since thousands of years ago.

They may have come asking for different things, but towards only one God, and ultimately to achieve His paradise.

Thousands of people circumbulating at a time.

But somehow, you know you are alone with God.

The solitude is deeply felt.

The hope soars up to the skies.

Feet sore out of dryness and they crack, but it does not matter.

Tears flow, of love, of fear, of hope.

Hope that no matter what challenges are faced in this world, we would stand up to it, and not let them drag us down to jahannam. To destruction.
Hope that no matter how difficult it might be, we could overcome them and attain eternal success.
Hope to face the world with dignity, with courage, with kindness.

No matter what the world throws at us.

We all came with different needs, but in the end there is only one need.

To have His blessings in this world and the next.

The grandeur of the Kaabah only reminds us of the Grandeur of the One who gave the foundation.

The grandeur of the Kaabah only reminds us of how small we are, how weak, how powerless.

Like when you are married for so long and you yearn to have offsprings of your own.

Or when your children are not as well mannerred as you want them to be.

Or you saw a man you want to marry, but you want him to be faithful to God first, so that the light will not only be with him, but also shine from him in this life and the next. Because you saw the enormous potential in him.

Or you are just unwell and you need cure.

You have problems with your own manners, anger management issues, memory issues, anything at all that you could not seem to find the solution.

Or your parents, you just want them to live in peace in this world and the next. And so will your siblings be.

Or for your husband to stop smoking.

And those Syrians and Palestinians and Yemenis, our brothers in faith. Their suffering has touched us deep inside that we could not even voice out, it is unfathomable except for the fact that we believe there is something better for them in the next world. The next world where they will forget all the pain they had in this temporary world. We are all as helpless as the next person, not knowing what to do so we ask from the One who is Powerful to stop all this. 

We work hard so that our children would not become oppressors. 
So helpless and powerless we feel, but in Him we hope.
Who knows, at that moment we are praying, a bullet missed its target.

Who knows, the war may not have stopped but food supplies came in.

Who knows, they may have died without any pain.

Who knows, the more we pray, the kinder our children will be, so they will in turn care for humanity, the way it should be.


We are all powerless.

For nothing could happen without His permission.

Even if a thousand hands tried to help us.


Because He is Great. And we are small.


Make du’a and think of it like it has already happened.


Because every single du’a matters.