This is one of the many lessons I learnt during Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan’s lecture in Masjid Wilayah on 2nd November 2016.

. . .

This is one of those lessons from the Quran that I wish is taught in primary schools, on top of teaching us about rules and regulations. This involves human psychology, motivation, and even simple manners. It would increase the love of young ones towards the Quran, and hence towards Allah, as they would understand that they could always turn to Allah’s words during times of adversity, when it is difficult to keep on doing good things.

It comes from ayat 148 in surah Al Baqarah. The ayats around this one were revealed to change the direction of our prayers – from facing the Baitul Maqdis (in Palestine) to Masjidil Haram in Makkah. This particular ayat does not only speak about how every religion has its own directions. It speaks about how every human being would choose his own lifestyle, and that choice would inspire others to follow suit.

“Therefore, compete to do good.”

Because when we all compete to do good, more people will be inspired to do good.
. . .
“Therefore, compete in doing ALL KINDS of good things.”
The good news is, good things are always worth doing, even if we do not see the results ourselves.
For example, one person started a charity drive, and another person follows, and then another, and then another….until perhaps the fifth or sixth person, very influential, gets inspired by this one person, and then promotes the same kind of charity drive. After that hundreds or even thousands of people involve themselves with all sorts of charity or voluntary work. 
Wouldn’t that be amazing?
Just imagine, that first person did one good thing and he thought he only inspired one person, but in reality, he has inspired hundreds or thousands to do the same thing. It multiplies!!
. . .
In my working life, I could see this concept of “muwalliiha” being shown in a lot of places. For example, the way a few nurses in a certain ward would influence the rest of the nurses in charge of that ward. If there are a few kind, hardworking and responsible nurses in that ward, there is higher likelihood that the rest of the nurses will be as kind and responsible. If the rougher, lazier ones dominate, even the conscientious ones might not be motivated enough to do proper work.
. . .
“ALL KINDS of good things” can be just about anything. It could be giving a big smile to everyone, being kind and gentle, being helpful, being thoughtful, doing charity or volunteer work, taking work responsibilities seriously, being humble, or even by living a simple life.
Let’s start living our lives in a better way. Positive vibes will always attract more positive vibes!