My baby is back with me after five weeks in ICU, having had a heart and lung transplant..

Ok. Not really. 

Basically five weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon, my car broke down. I was on my way back from work at that time, was dreaming about the bed waiting for me at home. The engine made a whole lot of noise that I really had to stop on the roadside.

I need to get to the point of this article, so I will summarise the whole five weeks first. Basically the damage was so bad that the car needed a change of engine, and now it is working as it should be. I cried with gratefulness when I drove my car back from the workshop a few days ago.

I was, and am, thankful that despite the major breakdown, so many things went the right way for me.

I am thankful I had my uncle to help me out when I could not reach my father.

I am thankful I stopped the car at the correct moment because I don’t think it could go any further. If I did not, the car might have stalled at a steep hill, and nobody from the other side could have seen the car. I shudder to think about what might have happened.

I am thankful that it happened near my house, so I could have lunch and a bit of a rest while waiting for the tow truck.

I am thankful that the tow truck did not have ANY problem at all locating my car. It was located at a small kampung road, and the area is rather sparsely popuated, with palm oil plantation on one side. The tow truck even reached the car before I did.

I am thankful that the tow truck driver knew exactly where was the service center that I wanted to send the car to. And I am thankful that it is open on a Sunday!

I am grateful that I could borrow my mom’s car for four weeks, and dad’s car for one week while waiting for my car to recover.

I am grateful that the servie center staff have been kind and friendly all along.

I am thankful that the company approved for the warranty to cover 90% of the engine change cost. Very very thankful indeed.

I am thankful that my colleague and senior colleagues understood my need to leave work when I needed to settle the issues with the car.

I am thankful that despite all the stress of not having my car with me, God has inspired me to still be thankful to Him.

Indeed, it is true, that with calamity, there is multiple ease.

Only if we choose to see it in a positive light.