Nothing is as powerful as the thoughts of death in changing our perceptions of life. Especially with a blink of the eyes.

Like when you’re feeling numb and you go to bed not knowing whether it will paralyse your breathing muscles the next morning, and you wake up breathing as normal you have always been. You know you need to do it now.

Do what, now?

To sit up and study and pass this exam now.

See those patients now because you might not see the same case again tomorrow, the next thing you know, you’re seeing patients like that as a specialist.

Call your mother now.

Go to the kitchen and clean up for her now.

Bring all those stuff to the gazebo and start preparing for the soup now.

Drive to the masjid now, because you feel like being with God and only with God.

Hug and kiss your sister now, while you could still see her smile.

Smile at that patient now, because you never know which one will be your last. Try to settle the issues now because you don’t want to leave your friends scratching their head tomorrow.

Now is not the time to be sarcastic towards those you’re unhappy with.

Now is not the time to hold grudges.

Now is perhaps the time you explain to them why you’re angry and tired all the time. Now is the time to understand that they might be angry and tired for a reason too.

We have struggles in life. We all do. Maybe if we start explaining in a loving and gentle manner, they might understand our struggles. Maybe they will even help us.

Now is the time to go wherever you wanted to go. Ask that thing you are curious about.

Now is the time to move, move and move.

There is so much to do.

Too little time.

No time for worrying, just put that aside. What’s meant to happen, is going to happen no matter what. Now is the time to make that effort.

Work hard. Play hard.