When you decided to look around more closely, you will realise that this life is full of blessing. And if you look closely into yourselves, there are even more blessings that you may have not noticed before. Once you start noticing them, they will continue pouring until you find yourself living in peace and contentment.

Like when you could look past imperfections. Because nothing in this life is perfect anyway. Neither do they last.

Or the understanding that some things are written for you, that it will not go away no matter how you avoid it. Some, on the other hand, are just not meant for you, no matter how hard you tried. It does not mean we do not work for something. It means we work in a calm manner, work smarter to achieve our ambitions, at the same time not being too anxious about the outcome. We rejoice when we succeed, but will not be too frustrated when things don’t go our way.

It is such a blessing to be able to keep oneself humble when one achieves greatness after greatness. Knowing that the stakes are high, the efforts are exhausting, so many things could have gone wrong, and at the end of the day, success is gained. What could have protected us from the risks? How did we go through the hardship? Why did things go the right way for us, when countless others used the same strategies but failed?

* * *

I was certainly blessed that I could finally see the world in a new light. A light I did not notice to have dimmed inside me. A cloud has fogged my sight, I could not see beyond those near around me. The gloom made me tired, physically and emotionally.

In my quest to stay positive, to stay energetic, I did not notice myself being brought down by the anger around me, the imperfections, unrealistic expectations (from and on myself), negativity. I was blessed to have kept on fighting, to live in this world as though everything is beautiful, even when I was crumbling inside. All that is damaged, I picked up the pieces and put them back together again, one by one. Slowly, but surely.

I was gifted with persistence.

Have I achieved my dreams? No.

Have I gotten all that I wanted? No.

But what changed?

Because one night, something reassured me that there is Power beyond the galaxies. The Power to move the stars, the planets, the moon and the sun at their perfect distance, perfectly placed orbits, perfect timing.

The Power to move hearts.

The Power that will take into account ALL that we have worked for, everything we have gone through, the difficulties we have faced. 

The Power that tells us, love anyone. Love EVERYONE. He will love us back more than we can imagine.

The reassurance that everything will, and do fall into place. That we will just need to work for it, and He will fix the best for us. No matter what we wanted, what we worked for, what we prayed for, whatever He decided to give us is something within our capabilities to handle. Something that will make us most content.

The reassurance that love, indeed, is easy. It is pure, it is simple, it enlightens, it lights us up.

The knowledge that the world is vast. The people, the cultures, the way of life..you just need to choose, and you can choose just about anything.

As long as we have that pure love in our hearts.

As long as we try hard to reflect the light towards others.

I think we will all be fine.