I came back from work today and I passed by Masjid Wilayah. I was pulled to it but I did not go because I already performed my Asar prayers before leaving my workplace.

Instead, I made a promise to stop by in Masjid Bukit Jelutong for Maghrib prayers on my way to my uncle’s house. Despite being rather tired and feeling like spending one hour in bed, and prat Maghrib at home.

I did not regret a single second of this decision.

I reached the masjid late, the congregational prayer was over. I could have driven a lot faster to rush to the masjid, but I remember Prophet Muhammad SAW said not to rush when you’re going to the mosque.

So there I was, prayed Maghrib alone, then nawafil, then made some du’as, and then I left.

Before I left, I managed to take in the environment around me. A class is going on, taught by a teacher who comes every second Tuesday of the month, it seems. Many of the congregation stayed back, with books in their hands, to learn about the good manners of our beloved Propher Muhammad SAW.

The nice thing about it is, many of them is young. They must have come back from work, cleaned themselves at home, wear their nice clothes and immediately come to the mosque.

As I walked along the corridors of the mosque, I saw young ladies, some with small kids, seated comfortably in areas of their choice, listening to the ongoing talk which resonated throughout the halls via the speakers placed on the walls.

All there to learn about good manners.

“Isn’t this AWESOME?? Subhanallah!” I could hear Brother Nouman’s excited exclamations in my head.
* * *
Although I could not stay back because of other commitments, I’m glad that I paid that short visit to this house of Allah.

Although the people I saw were strangers to me, they have cooled my eyes and made me at peace with this world, pushing aside all the troubles of this world.

I was happy that they are young, and as I walked, more young people came in to pray, and to learn. They could, one day, pass down the kindness, good manners, integrity, discipline, love and mercy that Prophet Muhammad SAW has shown the world around him all those years ago.