Thank you for those four amazing weekends.

It gave such a peaceful feeling – sitting and listening to the lectures, focusing on Allah’s words explained by this man, after spending hectic mornings managing our worldly chores.

I had the same out-of-this-world feeling when I attended Ilmfest in Putrajaya in May this year, especially so when I sat through Sheikh Yasir Qadhi’s lecture about the Parables of Light.
Brother Nouman gave longer lectures from the same surah.

It also feels the same as the time I sat with my mother and brother’s fiance listening to Sheikh Ahsan Hanif’s explanation on Surah Al Mulk in Ramadhan this year.

The tranquility was so deep, I did not want to leave any of the lectures. I felt like staying in and listen and listen until forever.

Of course, we can do that in jannah. But not here.

For the whole point of learning the religion is so that we could live our lives in the best possible way, which would, in turn, help us with our lives in the hereafter. The point of listening to these people are partly so that we could go out and face the challenging world, hopefuly making it easier for others too.

* * *
I am having some withdrawal symptoms. Sigh…

During the first weekend Brother Nouman was here, the sound system in the masjid was not so good and I could not see him. Hence I thought maybe it wouldn’t make much difference whether I listen to him live, or from the internet.

Even though it is a nice feeling to know that he’s in the country.

But as the weeks go by, I could feel the difference. The others who were in the masjid near me seemed to feel the same way. We wished we could do this every weekend – get away from this world for a few hours to listen to him talk lovingly about the Quran.

Different people have different influence in my life, even though they all speak mainly about the contents of the Quran. Like Imam Suhaib Webb, he introduced me to the Arabic grammar and how every word in the Quran is a perfect fit. Sister Mariam Amirebrahimi would inspire me to be productive. The beloved Sister Yasmin Mogahed helped me through my emotions. Sheikh Yasir Qadhi told stories upon stories from the Quran. I particularly love his explanation on surah Al Kahfi.

Brother Nouman, for me, has motivated me to do the best in fulfilling my responsibilities. I am at this very low motivational state of which I’d do only the bare minimum of what is expected of me, and even then, with dragging my feet. His lectures reminded me about the hope that each of us have.

He’s only 36 and he’s inspired so many people around him. And I’m just a few years younger but I felt that my contribution in life is way behind. But he reminded me (and many of us) that we should not despair. Allah wanted to see us do the best with whatever we have in our hands. Allah has given each of us different responsibilities, the only thing we need to do is fulfill all. Then we can move on to others.

The above people have, by Allah’s will, helped me get out of bed every morning.
They helped me greet everyone at work with a smile.
It becomes easier to tell myself to not grumble even when I had to stay up through the night, just to keep one person alive until the morning comes.
It was easier to get up and help a fellow colleague when I could have slept the whole night when I’m on call.

* * *
It is easy to get attached to the person whom we listen to everyday, especially if it is the same person.
In my efforts to be careful not to be too attached (the idea is to love the message, instead of being attached to the teacher), I’d try to rotate amongst them as much as I could.
So far it has worked.

* * *

I pray that Allah will grant all of us jannah, so that we could spend forever in peace and tranquility.