Please just smile.
Keep on smiling.

I know it rained heavily, and it subsided, and then the sun started to shine, with a rainbow starting to appear.

I know it is always so beautiful after the rain.

And I know the sun is setting and it is going to be dark again.

But please keep on smiling, please.

Remember when the rain fell for so long, so heavy that you thought it would not stop?
Even when you knew, somehow it would.

And remember when the sun started to shine, and you wondered why you complained about the rain?

You even knew, that it is always more beautiful after the rain.

The air is clear.
The sun shines bright.
The fog lifts.
The birds chirp away.

Remember when the sun started to peek, and you began to smile brightly?
The world smiled back at you.
As bright as you did.

So please.
Keep on smiling.

Because on a bright day, your smile will add to the beauty.
In the rain, your smile will be the silver lining.

And at night, your smile will shine through the darkness, like a beacon giving light to the lonely sea.