My father fetched me from work this afternoon. He called me to tell me to hurry up because there was no place to park his car, hence he could not stop his car on the hospital’s main road for too long just to wait for me. I ran out from the hospital lobby and chased after his car.

I hurried into his car and he immediately drove away.

He asked, “Where to next?”

I said, “The ATM machine. I need to take out some cash.” At that moment I had a feeling that I might not have my purse with me. I opened my bag and couldn’t see it there. I may have left it in the clinic while I was rushing out.

At that very moment, my phone rang.

“Maria Kamal.” A man’s voice. Very familiar. I tried to place his face. Certainly not my department colleague.

“Oh. Hi.”

“Teoh here.”

It was Mr Teoh, an ENT surgeon in the hospital (who also happened to do his housemanship together with me back in 2006). He said he saw me running across the road, and my purse fell from my pocket while I was getting into the car!!

“I have your purse with me. I’m just two cars behind you. Is there anywhere you can stop so that I could return this to you?”

We stopped somewhere about 20 meters after that, in the middle of the heavy traffic (there are no roadsides within the hospital). I couldn’t say enough thanks to him.

Within that short moment of time, he managed to ask me, “I don’t know whether you’re lucky or unlucky today.”

I said, “I’m lucky, of course!!” I said thanks again, and went back into my father’s car.

* * *
I could not express enough gratitude to Teoh for saving my life today. Really. Making a police report for the loss is one thing. Cancelling my cards and applying for new ones is another thing.

But you see, I’m sitting for another exam in March, so I’ll need all the cards as soon as possible to arrange for my transport and accommodation. With reports and renewals, I don’t know how long they are going to take!

I sincerely hope that his kindness will be repaid. I know it will come back to him, whether the help comes from me, or from other people. I know good will be returned with more good.

I hope he will be blessed with safety and protection, wherever he goes.

* * *

As Muslims, we need to reflect back on our days and see what we can learn from the day’s events.

(1) Remember to say our thanks to those people who have helped us

(2) Remember to express our gratitude to Allah SWT for blessing us with kind and honest people around.

(3) What were the chances that an old friend was to have spotted me running across the road? What were the chances that, of all people, he was the one who saw the purse fall out? It could have been any outsider, it could have been a drug addict even (many of them walking around there)! What are the chances that, after all those years, he STILL has my phone number?
As someone who believes in God, I don’t believe in chances. I believe that Allah has made the situation that way to remind me of certain things, for me to reflect.

(4) When someone has been kind to us, we shall bring that forward to others. Help another person or two. Or more than that.

(5) I must continue striving to improve my akhlak (character). Get angry less (or, don’t get angry at all), speak only kind words, stop arguing even if I know I’m right (that one, I still failed to do, even today), be nice to my parents.

(6) I remember last year my mom returned a purse that contained a few thousand ringgit to another lady. I think in some ways, the things that do to others, will bounce back to our children too.

So let’s be kind and spread more kindness. 🙂