Today is the first time I went to the Big Bad Wolf book sale. I have heard about it all this while, and almost all of the cheap books that I saw brought back were old books. However this year I decided to give it a try.

We don’t like crowds, we hate traffic jams, we prefer not to queue, so we left home at 4.30am. True enough, there were many people but it was not crowded. It was quite comfortable to browse for books.

We have set in mind a certain genre to look for, because there will be too many books to browse through.

These were my findings, and I’m happy:

The Diabetes Companion
It was not my intention to buy something medical-related. There were so many books about diabetes, but this one attracted me because it was written by an Endocrinologist. Deviating from my usual inclination to British-written books, this is written by a Singaporean. It is written for laymen in simple language, which would be great for me to educate my patients.

Real Simple Solutions
This book has loads and loads of pictures (which I love!). It teaches you tricks, short cuts and alternatives in our daily tasks at home, in the kitchen or in the office. It also gives you ideas to simplify elaborate events like entertaining and celebrating. I could use some tips as I always end up not meeting my own deadline whenever I have guests (who, 99% of the time, are my family members).

Save With Jamie
A proper Jamie Oliver cookbook, complete with how to choose your steak and joint your chicken, and meals that take less than 30 minutes to prepare. Would have been perfect for Anis as she lives in the UK and most of the ingredients are easily obtained there, and cheaper too.
I love the way he writes his cookbooks because he often gives detailed instructions on how to prepare the food.

Flower Gardening
“When I was in Melbourne the other day, I saw some small white flowers, but I don’t know what they were. So I was reminded of you. I wanted to take a photo and send it to you, but I had no internet connection at that time,” he told me.
I told him, “Guess what. Even though I love to photograph flowers, and I do love flowers, but I do NOT know most of their names!!”
It so happened that about a week before that conversation, I had a thought to myself, that perhaps I should get a book on the names of flowers. I have loads of photos of flowers but, as I said, I couldn’t name them!
The latest Cecelia Ahern’s book spoke about gardening, and she described different flower characteristics. I could not picture any of them.
Hence this book.

Just One Pot
I sort of grabbed this book on my way out. I think it is suitable for someone like me, who’s always in a hurry to do a lot of things before I get too tired. I need to be more efficient, so I guess this is one of the ways to do it.
It includes soups, stews and even baked goodness!! πŸ™‚

Everything You Need to Know About Everything You Need to Know About the Universe
Recently I got interested in astronomy after reading a post in buzzfeed about the size of the observable universe through the Hubble telescope. Couple that with verses in the Quran about the creation of the sun, moon, earth and the stars, as a sign of the existence of God, I totally fell in love.
I browsed through and found some books about astronomy. However some of them were a little biased, written by some close-minded people who, despite seeing all the greatness of this universe, failed to see anything BEYOND all that.
Oh, well..Allah has spoken about them in surah Yaasin, about how some people have walls in front of them, and walls behind them, hence they could not see. So I’d better keep calm and read, because these people do exist.
This particular book is more of a glossary, rather than a narrowed opinion about what the universe actually is.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio 20
My sister and I happened to be in London when the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition was held in the Natural History Museum. We went to the museum as Syazwan suggested, and found that this exhibition was on. We decided to pay for it and it was worth every pound!!
The photos were breathtaking as much as enlightening, the photographers were as young as 10, and I even resolved to enter the competition as an amateur. Well, I have nothing to lose.
But I did not enter the competition. At least not this year. Heheh.
I was browsing through the photography section and saw this. I was glad I took this with me, because the pictures were as amazing as the ones we saw in the museum.

Complete Photography Manual
I went by this book a few times before deciding to buy it. I already have two, but somehow this guide has more graphics than the ones I had (or more of from what I remember).

Work – The World in Photographs
I might have said this so many times before: one of the reasons photography attracted me was National Geographic magazines. In the Big Bad Wolf book sale, there was a specific table just for their books, but sadly there were only a few. This is one of the few photography books that they had, and since I love their capturing of daily activities, I guess I would love this.

I’m rather pleased with my selections. I’m going to start on them very soon. πŸ™‚