This is the second book that made me tear up with joy, amazement and understanding by just reading the preface.

The first is “The Quranic Phenomenon” by a German engineer named Bennabi. I have yet to finish that book as it’s very deep and I could only properly digest a page or two at a time. I would love to make a review of that book when I’ve finished it. I’ll need to make some notes about that amazing book, even more so after knowing about how the book came into production. It is a book laboured with faith and passion, therefore the product is almost out of this world.

Back to Do No Harm. I’ve only read three pages into this book (excluding the preface) after finishing Cecelia Ahern’s latest book. What I can say is, it gave me palpitations (imagine being the patient AND the surgeon) and reminded me of those days spent with the inspiring neurosurgeon in HKL, Mr Azmi.

I wanted to say just that for the time being. Since I’m done with exams (for the time being), I shall read the above two books in parallel. “The Quranic Phenomenon” needs to be studied with a dictionary and a notebook, perhaps on the table, and “Do No Harm” could probably be read as bedtime stories.