I may have said this before, but I’m going to talk about this again.

I have always wanted to be able to capture nice photographs. When I was young, I loved to browse through Malaysia Airline’s in-flight magazine, Going Places, and be amazed by the wonderful photographs in there. I was also awed by those travel and nature photos in National Geography magazines that my uncle used to subscribe.

I did wonder whether I will ever be able to capture those kinds of inspiring images.

Well, probably not award-winning but I certainly do have the chance now.

Looking at those awesome photos is like looking at the world through the photographer’s eyes. The thing about travel photography is being able to feel the energy, excitement and curiosity of the photographer. You could almost feel the warmth, the noise, the cold, the wind, or even the smell of those places they visit.

Being able to photograph means being able to show the world our own feelings. It shows the world the kind of mesmerising beauty we see, the heights of energy surrounding us, and even the kind of love and contentment that we feel deep inside us.

I’m not a professional photographer. I did not even go to classes (I plan to, one day). It’s all from my sister’s trial and error and she taught me (she’s a GREAT teacher!!!), or my own trial and error, reading the manual, reading photography books and some magazines. My best friend bought me a book on nature photography for birthday present a few years back, and even though I have yet to finish reading it, it IS very useful.

The best teacher is actually being absorbed by the ambiance, the love, the energy that I’m in, to lose myself in the emotions, be invisible, and start capturing. With some basic knowledge, that is the way I could think of some new techniques (new for me, but perhaps others do it all the time).

* * *

It has been almost four years since my sister bought our DSLR, and looking at our photos, our father bought a second lens during my sister’s birthday: the ever amazing macro lens. It is particularly useful for the types of photos we usually take: flowers, insects and portraits.

I have my own collection of favourite photos; those moments of love, joy or simply mesmerising beauty. They are:

KL Performance Art Open Day – colours of arts and culture
My aunt’s Hari Raya open house
Those beautiful flowers around our house
Those beautiful flowers in Fraser’s Hill
My cousin’s engagement day, and wedding day too
Hari Raya barbeque and gathering when my aunt and her family were back from Auckland
Adzrul’s wedding day
Ahmad Sharif’s wedding day (because his cousin, Ihab loved it so much!)
Movements – photos of trains, cars and buses during busy London (and Edinburgh) winter evenings

The latest favourite is of the pretty flowers in King’s College, London.

Here you are: