Those trips that never happened.

We were supposed to go around the country
Driving through the old roads
Stopping in small towns, discovering new things
Maybe go into the national park
Or Tasik Kenyir

We were supposed to go to Kuantan
Visit his old joints
Eat at that Japanese restaurant, if it still exists
Then drive up to Kemaman
To have some drinks at Hai Peng coffee shop
Just the two of us

Then we were supposed to go to Penang
Visit my old joints
Eat at Amandari, with its nice Malay food
Walk along Feringghi beach
Have durians from Balik Pulau

We were supposed to visit Sabah again
Our first trip was just amazing
The second would be deeper in the jungles

We were supposed to go to Perth
For a few days, just the two of us
Looked for shopping areas, because that’s what she loves
Travel around town, or perhaps go to the outskirts
But I did not get days off

We were supposed to go to Turkey
The three of us, and her parents
Trying all sorts of delicacies
Visiting the historical sites

We were supposed to go
All over the place
But then we moved on with life

She moved out of the country
He moved out of my life
She got married and went on with her life
She has exams, just like myself

I won’t stop planning
There’s someone else who can come with me
Someone dear and precious
Even when we don’t share the same interests
But she knows me very well, and I know her too

Here’s to many more hours of travelling
Of discovering new places
Meeting new people
Opening our eyes
And our hearts too