Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “Let him be humbled into dust, let him be humbled into dust.” It was said, “Allah’s Messenger, who is he?” He (PBUH) said: “He who sees either of his parents during their old age or he sees both of them, but he does not enter Paradise (by neglecting his/her duties towards them)” – Muslim 6189

Although many of us have lost one of our parents, most of us still have both.

It’s easy to live a blessed life while our parents are still around. Just a small deed to them will carry us far. Fulfilling our duties of being kind to them will ensure that our lives are lived easier.

Even by smiling at them, looking at their faces, Allah will grant us endless blessings.

What if we spend for them, helping them out with house chores? Feed them with the food that came from the work of our two hands? Even more blessings.

And if they became unwell, we shall care for them.

No, I’m not saying that we should be kind to them just so that our lives will become easier, or happier.

Allah told us to treat them well because of all the things that they have gone through for us all this while. We can never repay what our parents have done for us, the least we could do is make them happy, and be there for them when we need them.

Then, somehow, our lives will all be taken care of by Him the Almighty Himself. Things just fall into place. Or even if they don’t, we’ll have the wisdom to understand why, and move on with our lives.

Just by being kind to our parents.

* * *

I’ve worked with the dying and their families. I’ve seen those who cared for their parents until the last days, and those who ignored them.

All I can say is, the regret of not being there for one’s parents, the guilt of not spending enough time for one’s parents, the remorse felt by having a bad relationship with one’s parents, are not worth any amount of money, women or luxuries.