I entered Ramadhan with hopes and prayers. Hopes because I know that my prayers have been answered, in their own special way, when I least expect them to be. Praying desperately as there are things that have yet to happen, for their own good reasons.

Prayed for months, for years, but I kept on praying.

For I know, like my other wishes and prayers that have come true, these yet-to-happen things will one day happen in their own very special way.

Because I believe that even if I don’t get exactly what I asked for, Allah will give me something better.

ALWAYS something better than what I asked for.

All I need to do is ask.

* * *

As a human beings, we have our doubts.

There are days when our faith waver a little.

What we can do is look back at those times when we just had to wish in our hearts and He gave the answer right in front of our eyes.
Those times when we asked and He answered exactly how we wanted it to be.
Or those times when the answers come when we truly are in need of it, and it’s much better than what we ever asked for.

We all know it will happen again, when we honestly pray, we honestly ask from the depth of our hearts.

* * *
As The One who created this universe, The One who moved the sun and the moon and the earth on their own orbits, on their own perfects system, and the stars to guide us when we’re alone and lost, He could move hearts too.

All we need to do is believe.