It’s been a year since you left
You, you and you

Did I survive?
Well…depends on what you define as having survived.
Did my life change?
I’m still here.

What have we done this past one year?

Me and you, we still speak about the same things.
Our dreams and hopes.
Our worries and happiness.
It’s like you never left.

You, with whom I’ll spend some lunch time together
Or even Saturdays when he’s away, doing things he love
Sneaking here and there
Not doing anything wrong, just trying to fit in some free time

You, chasing your dreams, one big step after another
Happy, content
We barely spoke
I refuse to
At times it’s just awkward
Maybe it’s just me

For some reason I’m unwell everytime you see me

Still remembers me even when you’re away from home

Who likes someone because he sounded like me. Which is funny, but it’s nice to know

Whom I remember everytime I’m away
We used to travel a lot together

Would try to get me to all the courses you are attending
Trying to sneak me in

I’ve lost all the words that I wanted to say

When prayers are returned, with tears in our eyes
When jokes are exchanged, and the laughters that followed
Brought us springs in our steps
When desserts are shared, with pregnancy stories, and horror stories
And when Batu Feringghi became the most beautiful beach on earth, even if it’s just for 5 minutes

I missed you, you and you
And I still do

* * *

Setiap detik bagaikan jarum
Yang menyusuk hati tanpa henti

Setiap kali menguras airmata
Terundang lamunan bersamamu
Mengimbas mimpi di masa lalu
Sebelum cinta layu

Sejak kau pergi
Tak pernah pun sekali
Rindu berhenti menyeksa jiwa
Parutnya masih lagi terluka
Dari saat berpisah

Setiap kenangan indah menggetarkan pilu
Menyedarkan hakikat kau dah tak lagi bersamaku
Setiap kali merindu makin menghantui
Setiap hari setiap jam setiap detik

Tercampak aku ke dalam kelam cinta
Tanpa punya secercah harapan
Sedangkan diri tak kemampuan
Menanggung perih sepi

Kau tiada ku hancur
Jiwaku lemah berdikari
Setiap detik bagaikan jarum
Yang menyucuk hati tanpa henti
Kerana hanya dirimu ku mahu
Hanya dirimu ku rindu
Dan hanya dirimu ku perlu
Dalam setiap nafasku

“Setiap” by KRU