No matter how many men have left us
Or how many have treated us unfairly

No matter how many babies we have lost
In early pregnancy

Even when our mom is unwell
And nobody knows why

Even when nobody really cares how lonely our lives are
As if they will never feel lonely

No matter how happy we are now
Or if tears fall down like the rain

Even when everything falls apart

When we are left totally alone in this world

We still need to pray five times a day
Fast in Ramadhan
Pay our zakat
Be modest

We still need to strive for jannah
Aim to please our Lord, as best as we could

We still need to be kind to others
To speak only good words
To smile at others
To give charity until the last day of our lives

No matter what happens
We still need to endeavour to benefit others
Human beings and other living things
As much as we can
To the best of our abilities

So no matter what happens
We won’t be too dragged down by it
We still have our aims
We still have our goals

Because the world will leave us
And we will leave this world
Before we knew it, it will be over
Too soon