If you have a doctor as a life partner or relative, or if your children are doctors, it is most likely that you have experienced the following. While some of you may have stopped asking, some will still pretend that they have never had the same answer before.

Ask a doctor the following questions, and the answers that follow:

1. Are you joining us for the wedding next month?
“I don’t know.”

2. What time are you going to finish work tomorrow?
“I don’t know.”

3. Will you be able to join us for dinner Wednesday next week at 7pm?
“I’m not sure.”

4. When will you be free to come over to the bank and sign the agreement, within next week?
“I don’t know..I have to check with my colleagues, that is only if I’m not too busy.”

5. If we plan for a holiday overseas in 6 months time, would you be able to come with us?
“I don’t know.”

6. You’re working this Saturday? Will you be able to make it for my mother’s birthday lunch?
“I don’t know.”

7. Will you be the photographer for your cousin’s wedding in 4 months time?
“I’m not sure.”

8. Will you be around for the family gathering during this coming public holiday next month?
“I don’t know. I didn’t work previous public holiday so they might put me on call the next public holiday.”

9. How many days off can you get for your wedding?
“I don’t know.”

10. When is your exams going to be?
“April 23rd.”