I have so much to write about! So much!

The palm oil estate experience – written, but not typed in

The strong ladies, are you worth it? After seeing Wan Azizah’s tears, I was reminded of so many strong ladies I know in my life. No,it’s not about Anwar Ibrahim, it’s about women and strength.

The first step. Women’s journey to partnership. A short one.

Imam Suhaib Webb’s lecture on education in KGPA.

How to focus in solat – lessons from Imam Suhaib Webb’s lecture in KGPA

Surviving medicine.

Inspiring senior medical colleagues – the amazing government hospital specialists and consultants

Learning from the dying – It’s too late

Learning from the dying – death with dignity. How people should spend the last days of their lives. No, we can’t really tell but there are so many things that people should know, including doctors.

This is what coffee does to me. I get agitated. Wish me luck! 🙂