Time flies. We grow up. Our parents get older, and so do we.

It gets more challenging as the days go by.

Parents get unwell. Some get diabetes, heart problems, kidneys failures.
Some even get cancer. Curable or incurable.

Some have the chance to be treated but miss their medications.
Sulk when the children remind them about their health.

Some get a stroke, become fully dependant.

Some get health problems but would rather take alternative medications, which may worsen things.

Some take their medications but don’t change their lifestyle.
Get angry with the kids if they are reminded.

Some get problems that are difficult to diagnose.

Some fathers stray.
Mothers depressed.

Fathers quit their jobs. Do their own business.
Bills unpaid.

Some meddle into the children’s love lives.
At times a little too much.

Some are jealous with any daughter- or son-in-laws brought home.
They want attention only to themselves.

Some just ask the same questions again and again, and no, they don’t have dementia.

Some have dementia.

When we were younger,we prayed for them to have long lives.
Now we are older, we still pray that they have long lives.
Of course, they are our parents. We love them as we would not love anyone like that.

After all those prayers, our parents reaching old age is such a privilege.
It’s a privilege that not everyone have.
Ask the orphans.

With privilege comes responsibility.
Like grandpa said more than 14 years ago, the more privileged you are, the more responsibilities you have.

He’s right.

So let’s not give up on our parents.
It may seem difficult, it may seem impossible.
It may even look ridiculous sometimes.
We might feel like quitting, like leaving it all behind.
Maybe just leave the issues hanging.

But they are our parents.
They have never given up on us, no matter what happened.
Maybe we’d need some rest, but not to give up altogether.

All because they love us, and there will be nobody else who would love us like that.

* * *

Abu Hurairah Radhiallahu Anhu reported:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “May he be disgraced! May he be disgraced! May he be disgraced, whose parents, one or both, attain old age during his life time, and he does not enter Jannah (by rendering being dutiful to them)”.