Every time I drive in the rain, especially at night, I would be reminded of something that happened almost two years ago.

Here you are.

* * *

Written on 13th February 2012 at 0207hrs. 

I drove back to Selayang from home quite late just now. Since it was raining, and it’s quite late at night, I decided that maybe I should say some prayers for my safe journey, and another friend who’s driving long distance probably at the same time too. We left each other’s homes late as we were spending what little time we had with our loved ones.


We were taught that it ‘s good to make du’as when it’s raining.


“Narrated Sahel Ibn Sa’ad (radhiallahuanhu): that the Messenger of Allah (salallahu alaihi wasallam) said, ‘Two will not be rejected, supplication during the adhan (call of prayer), and at the time of the rain.”

The time of the rain is a time of mercy from Allah SWT.


So there I was, driving along the empty road, asking Allah SWT for his mercy and protection. Asking Him to protect us from the evil of human beings, and from any kinds of troubles that could happen along the way. Also for his protection as our travel tonight would be to fulfil our responsibilities to help those in need.


Which brought my thoughts to another issue. We were not having the best of times at work and sometimes it does get too much. So I prayed that Allah SWT will give us the strength to face tomorrow and the challenges that it brings, strength to go forward and help others in need, because we’ve been blessed with the ability to do so. Yes, it may be difficult at times but please show us the way to face this.


Then I saw the road on the opposite side was a little congested. There was a lorry stranded at the roadside, and cars were very slow before, and even after, passing the lorry. I wondered why they had to slow down after taking over the stranded vehicle. 


I looked at my own speed. 80km per hour. Hmm..a bit fast for this slippery road.


Then it happened.


My car swerved to the left and I couldn’t control my steerings. I knew I was in danger as my car was a bit fast before it skidded. I saw the aluminium walls of the construction site there. I thought, I’ll be in trouble if I hit those things.


But it stopped. The car just stopped. It may have gotten stuck in the mud.


My heart was beating fast and I just stared ahead. I took deep breaths.


Then I just decided to leave the place. I turned my car, it was a little stuck but I managed to drive it out of the mud and onto the road. So I continued my journey back to Selayang.



Thank Allah that my side of the road was empty.

Thank Allah the car didn’t hit anything.

Thank God I could get it out fairly easily.

Thank God that Nadia didn’t wash my car in the afternoon.


Deep breaths. Everything is ok.  


* * *


Something else crossed my mind. 


As Muslims we were also taught to make du’a for others, remember others in our prayers. 


Our beloved Prophet (SAW) said, “Whoever prays for his brother behind his back has an angel saying to him, ‘And for you the same’.” [Muslim]


Again, I thanked Allah that I wasn’t only praying for myself, I prayed for my friend who was driving alone late this night too. 


Well, I’m not saying that it’s because of me praying for him that I got saved from terrible fate.

It’s not because of me that I didn’t end up having to pay hefty amounts for car repair.


It is because of Allah’s mercy that I was saved. He was showing His Love and Rahmah, He was showering His blessings to me, His humble servant.


“And your Lord says: “Call on Me; I will answer your (Prayer)!”  – Surah Al Ghaafir: 60.


He was showing me that He fulfills His Promises. 

He was telling me to continue showing more faith in Him, because He loves the faithful. 

He was telling me that this life is full of His Blessings, no matter how hard life might seem to be. 

He was reminding me that I should continue praying for others, as it’d only do me good. 


So my dear friends,

Let’s pray for the people around us behind their backs.

If we love them, pray for them.

If we hate them, pray for them too. Maybe the things we hate about them might change. 

There’s no harm in praying for “us” rather than for “me”. Doesn’t even take extra time. 


Because when we pray for someone, the angels will pray for us too.

And because when we ask from Allah SWT, He WILL answer.