Disclaimer: What I’m writing here mainly is not based on scholarly articles. I’m just writing from my heart.

* * *

Originally written on 31st July 2013, 0214hrs

Ramadhan this year started a little rough for me. A few changes happened in my life within a couple of weeks before the sacred month started, so I felt a little lost and numb. A friend who stayed with me for three years moved out to run after her dreams, the one already chasing his dreams left for peripheral rotations, the one who has already achieved her career dreams moved on to fulfill her personal dreams, and the person who was geographically far but close at heart came close by but distant in the mind and heart. All those on top of preparing for an exam of which I’ve failed a few times, and a few other unresolved and newly arisen issues that are, really, out of anyone’s control.

Obviously the usual advice is to renew my relationship with the Quran, since Ramadhan is the month of the Quran. I guess there’s no better time to move on to a new life than this blessed month.

My kakak Yasmin Mogahed once said that Allah took all those people away from us because He wanted us to focus on Him. Because He’s leaving that space open for better things.

She’s right.

* * *

The Quran is a miracle on its own. It’s sent down from God more than 1400 years ago, beginning in Ramadhan via the angel Jibrail (or some may call Gabriel) to our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. He taught the Quran by words and his actions. The very same words has been read and memorised by millions of Muslims since those days up to now. It’s unchanged and will never be changed (although intepretations vary according to a person’s faith and education). Allah has promised to protect it until the end of time.

It is amazing that, whenever we have any problems, open the Quran and you may find the solution.

Reading the Quran gives a certain peace and freedom in the heart that is not comparable with anything else in this whole world. Not even with seeing our mother’s faces. It gives this tranquility very deep inside our hearts that tells us to smile despite all that. That clear path that tells us that there’s hope.

Top that with remembering Prophet Muhammad SAW with his smile and patience and love and mercy, we could smile through hardships in our lives.

The Quran matures us, yet it keeps us young.

It heals all heartbreaks. To some extent the Quran heals our physical beings too. Well, at this point of time I could see that it’s on the way of curing my four-year-long obsession.

Try memorizing the Quran and your memory for other good things will increase too.

Being occupied with the Quran will give us no time to be occupied with unnecessary things. Yet somehow it gives us space in the mind to manage important matters in life.

The more we read the Quran on the daytime, the easier it is to wake up early in the morning for Qiyamullail.

It softens our hearts, makes us kinder, more considerate and somehow have the time and patience to do all that in this fast-paced world in which kindness is going extinct.

It helps us choose right from wrong, and makes it easier for us to choose the right even if it’s difficult.

It’s God’s words. What can be more miraculous than that?

* * *

Prophet Muhammad SAW once said that whoever reads the Quran and practice its teachings, then Allah will adorn his/her parents with beautiful clothes and crowns on their heads in the hereafter. Just imagine, our parents.

He also said that the best person is the one who learns and teaches the Quran.

The Quran will be our protector in the hereafter. So keep it not only in our hands, but we should try to keep it in our hearts. Bit by bit, we shall memorise.

* * *

I do wonder what people who dedicate their lives to learning, memorizing and teaching the Quran might feel. Just a little difference of time spent made a huge difference in the state of our souls. Just imagine what change can it bring when we spend majority of our times with it.