My dear,

I received your text this morning while I was driving to work. I had the opportunity to read it when I stopped at the traffic light.

I was listening to Sami Yusuf’s Healing.

It was such a sweet message of gratitude and appreciation, which was, as always, very well composed, full of kindness and prayers.

I was then reminded of your smile. All those years ago.

So I cried.

My dear,

You don’t have anyone else to thank, but yourself.

If you didn’t smile at me all those years ago, I wouldn’t have even been your friend now.

You have no idea how broken I was at that time, and your friendly smile gave me hope.

Your friendly smile gave me some faith that the whole world is still beautiful.

If I’m not your friend right now…well, things would have happened anyway, looking at the circumstances, but it’d be of a very different light.

I cried not only thinking of you, my dear.

I cried thinking how beautiful this sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW is.

He is the man who smiles the most. He has never been seen without a smile. The smile which lighted up the already bright face of his.

Just imagine.

As simple as a smile.

A smile that triggered a series of events.

I am thankful that Allah SWT is showing me the path, the right ways and reasons to follow the words and actions of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Because one drop of kindness means the whole world.

* * *

“Healing…a simple act of kindness brings a meaning

A smile can change a life

Let’s start believing, and feeling

Let’s start healing

Hearts in the hand of another heart

And in God’s hand are all hearts

An eye takes care of another eye

And from God’s eye nothing hides

Seek only to give and you’ll receive

So heal, and you will be healed…”

Part of Sami Yusuf’s Healing

* * *

It’s been a good week, my dear.