Written on 4th February 2011 @ 1347hrs

The benefits of grilling our food:

1. It’s healthier because there’s much less oil used
2. No splashes of oil on the kitchen floor/stove
3. Pop everything into the oven and you can do other house chores while waiting, ie washing dishes, sweeping the kitchen floor, setting the dinner table, folding laundry etc
4. Pop everything into the oven and browse the internet for other grilling/baking recipes
5. Only a few cooking utensils to wash, namely the baking tray, the tongs and the knife (if you need to use it)
6. We can marinade the chicken/beef/lamb right after grocery shopping and keep them in the freezer for use the whole week
7. Even when we wake up a little late for work, we could still prepare a good meal for lunch

Happy housewife-ing!!