Written on 13th January 2011 @ 2217hrs

My housemate is supposed to work in the afternoon tomorrow. However she had to cover someone else’s passive call as the other person is unwell. Happens often in our line of work.


Heavy heart, yes, but other colleagues will cover for us if we are sick, too.


In the evening, her boss texted her. He said that he was sorry to have made her do the call, but he had no choice.


After that my housemate was considerably more cheerful.


* * *


Two years ago, I was…let’s say….unwell, for about four weeks. I came to work because I was not too unwell, but still I was tired most of the time, can’t really describe what I felt but sometimes I just can’t work after lunch. I had to take long lunch breaks, and even during morning rounds, I’d need to have a break while my bosses talk at length with our patients. And then there’s the occassional dashes to the bathroom.


Dr Richard has never asked me about it. All I knew was one day, after lunch, Dr Richard wondered why I didn’t join the rounds but I did not give him any excuses. I just hoped he understood. I had a lot of other people to talk to, anyway. My colleague and the nurses were very understanding.


Two days ago I reminisced about that time with Jaspal and my dear ward sister. Sister told me one thing that really surprised me:


“You know, Dr Richard often asked, ‘is she ok?’ when he noticed that you were missing. Of course, I’d say, ‘she’ll be alright’.”


Knowing him, I knew I shouldn’t be surprised. But I still did. I did not know that he was concerned. That he actually cared.


* * *


It’s lovely to have a nice boss to work with. They don’t only make our days easier; they would, indirectly, make us work harder, because it’s embarrassing to laze around when our bosses work more diligently and passionately.


We’d be happy if it’s Friday, yes.

But there’d be less Monday blues.


I hope and pray that we’ll all be good bosses one day.  🙂