Written on 29th January 2011 @ 0027hrs

I think many of us have met someone who makes our lives difficult, and wish that that person will have a life of bad lucks. Some people might even go on with praying for another person’s difficult life in return.


Some people could be really that evil. I mean, in making our lives difficult. Unbearable.


But let’s think of it this way then.

Say you wish that someone ‘evil’ will get a very bad cancer or accident one day. Suddenly what you wished for came true. Yes, this person had a very bad accident and the family will need to pay so much for the hospital bills. That person’s family will suffer physically, financially and mentally too. The event might affect their work and other aspects of life.


Maybe that evil person’s daughter is a doctor, or a nurse. Because of the stress she’s in, she could not function well at work. She might prescribe the wrong dose of medication or made the wrong decision which might make her patients suffer.


The family might even become so financially stressed that they might need to borrow money from other people. Maybe they could not pay the other person back in the nearest future. So the person they borrowed money from will have to suffer for a while.


If this patient’s daughter is a teacher, she might need to take long leave to care for her mother/father, who is the ‘evil’ person, who landed in such bad luck because of your wishes. So if she takes long leave, who’s going to replace her? Do her work? She’ll need to take unpaid leave, or if she work in a private company she might need to quit her job.


All for just one wish of bad luck.


Let’s think of it another way.


If person A is evil towards person B. Person B prays hard so person A will see the light one day and become a better person. Person B wishes that person A will realize her mistakes and repent.


One fine day, Person B’s wishes come true. Person A realized that she had been treating other people badly. She apologized to the people around her, starts becoming more generous and understanding. She starts becoming friendly and empathic towards other people. She starts helping other people around her, because it is better to be nice than to behave beastly towards others.


Now, not only Person A stops being unpleasant to Person B. Because of that kind wish from Person B, the whole world seems to be a much better place now.


It is easier to wish for bad things to happen when someone is making our lives so difficult.

I know it is hard to make ourselves pray for everyone, even those who’s been very unpleasant to us.

But then again, the choice is ours, my dear friends.

Let’s do the right thing – choose to pray for good things, and ONLY good things.


Have a good weekend, everyone!