Written on 8th January 2011 @ 2305hrs

I don’t understand.

When a man gets married, his mother will say, “I’m still the most important person in your life, son.”
But when her daughter is married, she’d wonder why the daughter spends most of the time with her husband’s family?

I don’t understand.
Our life now is so different from the 1930s.
But mother-in-laws have the SAME expectations towards her daughter-in-law, no matter how tired she is, working to help her husband.

I don’t understand.
Sometimes a husband understands and gives a lot of freedom to his wife.
But it is his mother who’s saying that it’s wrong for him to give his beloved wife such freedom.
I thought, “whatever that makes the couple happy should be alright?”

It MAY be true that they say, we live in the 21st century, but with people in 19th century mentality.

Sometimes I think it’s unfair.
Sometimes I think people have no respect to women; women who help bring up the nation too.
They think women are only people who should serve men all the time.
Really, it’s unfair. Might as well not educate us. Let the men struggle with the meagre income, and us staying in the house being pretty and cooking small meals for them (because with single income you can’t afford to buy good food. But then again, the WOMAN of the house will be blamed, still, because she doesn’t feed her husband well.)

Maybe an opinionated person like me shouldn’t get married. I’ll annoy my mother-in-law until I’m burnt in hell.
Or maybe I should look for a mat salleh.
Because sometimes I don’t think the place these people might put me in is worth the effort