Written on 28th December 2010 @ 0025hrs

Disclaimer: As people almost always take me a little too seriously, let me warn you that this is a JOKE. I hope no one will go about thinking “now Maria goes about exposing what her dream guy is like, something’s not right about her..” No. It’s pure Monday night laugh. So here goes.


My dream guy.

Very confident about himself.

Could go out with t-shirts and track pants.

Eats tapau chicken rice in public with his bare hand.

Watches plays alone.


My dream guy.

Dresses like a gay, when he thought he’s metrosexual.

Talks about feelings like he’s so sensitive, when sometimes he sounds like a girl.

Looks good in pink, better in baby blue.


My dream guy.

Looks like a Chinese mixed with Indonesian.

Nose like an Arab but built like a Malay.

At some angle he looks like the Korean star my sister loves so much.


My dream guy.

Is a professional but has a second job.

A day job my mother will say yes to, but the second job she won’t approve.

Speaks and writes good English.


My dream guy.

Writes a whole lot of c*** and swear words when he writes about politics.

About apes and gays.

But very sensitively about his beloved mother, he’d sound like he’s a different person.


My dream guy.

Talked happily about himself.

But never asked how I am.


My dream guy.

Could act, could write, could sing.

His charisma is built from the stage.


My dream guy.

Gets cuter everyday.

A few months ago he came and has not even had his morning bath.

Last week he came with very strong perfume.


My dream guy.

My mom would not approve.

But then again, I thought she would have approved the last one, but that did not work, anyway.


The more I see my dream guy, the more I realise, as good as he seem to be…I have to look for another one…sigh….


Oh, and guys..it’s NOT you, you, or you.