Written on 3rd January 2011 @ 0130hrs


Still in the ward at 1am. Did rounds for almost half the patients. Something crossed my mind.

How could I worry about my age, when there’s so many unfortunate things happening around me?

Like this lady who had to bring in her dying husband. She couldn’t care for him, as her four children are starting school tomorrow.

I was ashamed of myself. I thought of these four kids, supposed to happily start a fresh new year at school tomorrow, but don’t even know what’s in for them tonight.

I talked to his wife, my heart full of admiration, and I almost cried myself. Such a strong lady, she is.

And this family worrying about the state of their beloved father. Suddenly unconscious, with a bleeding tumour in the brain..the year seemed to start off gloomy.

I may have been working on new year’s eve. Standing by for my patients meant that I could not go all the way there to watch new year’s fireworks.

The ones I’m vigilant for have an even tougher time than I did on new year’s eve.

I have my loved ones, although they’re not by my side right now.

Age is just a number.

Life is precious.