Written on 1st January 2011 @ 0123hrs


Initially I didn’t want to post a “Happy New Year” note today. Because it’s me. I don’t follow norm. Haha.


But being alone at home tonight, with joy blaring from the TV, just broke my resolve.


2010 had been another great year. Especially the later half.

I got to know a few interesting, amazing people.

New colleagues.

New friends.

New activities.


I passed my part 1. After a tough month of studying and everything else. It means a lot more when the path was more winded.


I moved out from my mom’s place, yet again, and will move out later this year once the lease has ended.


I thought I managed to get to know myself even closer now, after all that has happened. But when I read my diary that I wrote in 1998, I realized that I ask the very same questions about myself now as I had at that time.


I went to Singapore in September and had a proper look at it for the first time in my life. Although when we were living in Johor, dad brought us to Singapore quite often. To shop. Seriously.


I think I still can’t visit Sabah, especially Kota Kinabalu. Not yet.


I was introduced to theatre. I fell in love. After Dewan Philarmonic Petronas and Istana Budaya failed me, KL Pac did the job. I have always been interested in it, ever since my medical student days. Now I’ve found it.


December was amazing. But somehow I was super stressed towards the end of it. Let’s see if January is better.


I came back from work in the afternoon today realizing that I have only 14 weeks to study for my Part 2. I guess I won’t be going out for special dinners much (I may have ran out of reasons for it to be special, I think). But I’ll continue with my theatre-going activities.


I didn’t go to too many places last year. I brought my mom and sister to Kuala Terengganu. I can’t even remember whether or not I went up to Penang. But I met up with Dato’ over here in KL in April. Maybe that’s why I didn’t bother going back up.


Oh, I went to Langkawi a month after my exams. With mom and sis. Tau was already there. I’m sure he had a hell of a good time there.


Well, maybe I did not go to many places, but I managed to send my mom for Adam’s graduation in November.


We lost Uncle Ong earlier this year. I think a week or two before Chinese New Year. He’s not my grandfather but I still miss him until now. I really do. I almost lost the red jacket he gave me, in Singapore. Thankfully the massage place owner was very honest.


I realized that I know that I care deeply for a person when he/she fell sick.


We lost our granduncle too, one week after Eid. I could still remember Cik Yam accompanying him the whole of second day of Eid in the hospital. Vividly.


I met a few amazing people. People I never knew I’d meet. Inspiring.


I also realized (a little too late) that 27 year-old men are actually 27 year-old BOYS. Not suitable for marriage. Ergh. They still want to go about partying (or stay at home with their mother). I may be wrong, though.

* * *

Resolution? Azam baru? Hmmm…


These are not really new, they have been updated and reformed and done halfway.

I’ll read more books. Just about anything. And this time around I won’t read only fiction.

I’ll pray more. Ask God for everything that we need. And want too.

I’ll stick to the healthy diet. It’s working and it’s been great. I’ll need to add exercise to my health regime soon.

I’ll be a better colleague.

I’ll save some money to buy more proper clothes for myself. Seriously.

I’ll go to more plays. Meet more people. More people doesn’t only mean Mr Prince. It doesn’t only mean Gampangsolo too. Other people.


I want to pass my Part 2 in April. Yes, trying out the cardiology questions, I don’t know whether I could do it. But I’ll work for it.


Of course, I want to be a better person.


For my dear family and friends, let’s march on. Let’s all be better people this year.


* * *


Owh. I’ve just celebrated my 29th birthday nine days ago. If I have to sign a burial permit tomorrow, I’ll have to say that I’m 30. It’s unfair. You know, I freaked out just now….can I keep it at 29 until December 2011?