Funnily I had a conversation in the lift just now. With a stranger. Now. Maria doesn’t talk to strangers. She smiles at them.


Anyway. Here goes.


“There’s so many of these n**** foreigners staying here, right?” he said.

“I wouldn’t say that if I were you,” I said.

“Some of them disturbed our people,” he tried to argue.

“Well, I have been a foreigner before, and I don’t like people talking about me like you talking about them.”

He made a cynical smile.

I couldn’t care less.




I know racists exist all over the world. Just about anywhere.


Our people always complain about a group of people from another country, or the other group of people from another country.

They get blamed for robbery, murder, drugs, kidnap, and…well….marrying our local girls; when we all know that actually it’s our local people doing them (including marrying our local girls).


Funny though.

When these people go overseas to study or send their children overseas to study, they think they/their children are cool.

They do not realize that other people see us like that.

That weird Asian. Funny language.

Foreigners. Suspicious. Robbers. Murderers. Pretending to come to study but actually doing something else.


Does it feel nice if people think of us that way?


What made us feel superior compared to other people?


We are all the same in the Eyes of God.