Written on 21st November 2010 @ 2114hrs

When Miss Bitter rears her ugly head
Her heart beats faster
Her eyes would open wide
She cannot sleep
Or do anything else

When Miss Bitter becomes alive
She goes on and on
About love gone wrong
About how she could never believe in love again

When Miss Bitter shows her ugly face
Miss Sweet will say
Calm down, my dear
Love is not over
Life’s a learning journey

Just be nice
Maybe one day someone will be nice to you
Then you’ll be very nice to him

* * *

When I thought love doesn’t need a reason.

When you love someone,
You don’t need a reason to talk to him
No need for a reason to hug him
To smile at him
To be happy when he’s around
To want to be with him all the time

So why did he even ask
Nobody would know