Written on 30th November 2010 @ 2153hrs


When someone had just crashed your life and you’re trying to build up your life again, you’d cling to even the tiniest bit of hope you see around you.

* * *

Small doses of each.

A big smile that reaches the eyes, and lights up the whole town.

That person who passed by, say a friendly “hi” and walk away with a deep sigh.

A small token of thought from far far away.

That first, second, and third glance from that one person you’d never thought would even look at you.

That email saying, “Hey, of course I remember you!” with a friendly smiley at the end of each sentence.

That person who looked so gloomy until you came into his view.

Chocolates. Of course. Loads of chocolates.

* * *

Not for love. But for a friendly face.