Written on 1st December 2010 @ 2306hrs


Mr Tee (not his real name) was the longest-staying patient in our ward.


Jaspal is my dear colleague in the ward.


One night in Ramadhan Jaspal had a dream:

She was doing her rounds alone, presumably a weekend or public holiday.

One of our staffnurses informed her that Mr Tee has passed away.


She told me about her dream the next morning.

So I told her that I, too, had a dream the same night:

I came to work on Monday after a good weekend off. It was her turn to work during the weekend that had just passed.

And Mr Tee’s bed was empty.


In our dreams, we both did not see who signed the burial permit.


We told our dear bosses of our dreams.


Dr Richard said, “Hey, he’s been with us for so long now. He’d better go when we are all around!”


Two months passed.


So Mr Tee passed away, after a long journey with us. Ten months. A little more than ten months.

He passed away on Sunday morning, Jaspal was on call.

I came back on Monday, after a great weekend, and Mr Tee’s bed was empty.


Jaspal signed the burial permit.