Written on 30th November 2010 @ 2131hrs


My heart is filled with flowers and blue skies


Because my heart is filled with love


I love the way you smile your goofy smile

It appears out of your solemn face

Wiping out the sadness within


I love the way your eyes get smaller when you talk

With a little twinkle

Just nice, it’s enough to make it shine

But not to make it cheeky


I love the way you look afar

Because I know that you’re thinking of those

Who love you


I love your curiosity

The way you use your senses

To see the beauty of the world


I love the small things you do

For your loved ones


I love your cheery laugh

I love the way you talk

And listen


My heart is full of flowers and green fields

I have skips in my steps now

Because I love you