Friday, September 24th 2010. 0114hrs.


World Filled With Love – a series of inspiring stories, small or big, short or long, in my life.

* * *

“I’m going back to Selayang today. I’m not staying over in Klang anymore.”


“I’m going back to Selayang today. This evening. I really have to move on. I think I’ve done my part, and I’ve done my best. It’s time for them to care for their father themselves.”

He kept on listening.

“You know, I think I’ve done quite a lot, and I’m not going to give it up. This is the final week and I’m not going to just let it go and stay here forever. There’s just too much distractions. I can’t focus at all. I really really have to sit down and focus.”

“You’re right. Don’t give up. Don’t stop right here. Yeah, I guess you were very concerned that his family weren’t around yesterday. Now that they’re here, everything should be alright.”

“It’s not….I mean….not my full responsibility, right? They should be fine, don’t they? Don’t you think I need to go on and focus?”

“Yes…you should. When I was going to the UK to sit for my clinical exams, my dad was admitted to the hospital for some problems. I almost wanted to let everything go, or maybe just go and fail. I thought maybe it’s not time, my dad was more important. But he told me to just go. Don’t give it up. So I did. I went there for the exams and all. So, you know….” he trailed off.


A phone conversation on Cik Yam’s staircase.

13th September 2010.

I hope one day I’ll have a success story to tell too.